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Saratoga Electronics Solution brings you a reloadable remittance card. No more waiting in line. Do it online! Did we mention that we offer the lowest Filipino package in Canada: $4.00 per transfer. 
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  • Fast and safe remittance via the Internet.

No money to carry around... neither for you, nor your beneficiary. Transfer money without high wire transfer costs. Lowest remittance package: one flat registration fee of $9.99 and then only $4.00 per transaction! No hidden fees.

  • Time is Money. No more waiting in line. Do it online!

It's so practical.. do your remittance online, anytime, any day, from the safety of your home computer or any other computer with Saratoga's secure website.

You can follow your beneficiary's transactions via your online account statement. Its like a bank account without the monthly fees. You can track your remittances in the last 3 years online, anytime, anywhere. You can even preschedule your remittances.

  • Unprecedented access for your beneficiary.

Your beneficiary receives a UnionBank Pinoy Money Card by messenger. The Pinoy Money Card functions like a conventional debit card in that funds are credited to your beneficiary's card account. Your beneficiary can withdraw money by accessing the account using a secure personal identification number (PIN) when the card's magnetic strip is swiped at any automated teller machine (ATM) in the Philippines.

The card is reloadable online by you in Canada, with bank level security. The Union Bank sends SMS messages to a beneficiary when a card is issued to their name and when money is available on their Pinoy Money Card.

You can even issue a Pinoy Money Card under your name so you can save in Philippine currency and is available to you when you go back to the Philippines for your much deserved vacation. What's more, there is no maintaining balance requirement on your Pinoy Money Card.

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