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TFC is now available in IPTV.

Summer Promo -  Instead of $146, its now $100 with 1 month free subscription. (Limited time offer)

 Order your system NOW 

ABSCBN IPTV connects to your broadband internet provider. You can sit back and relax watching TV direcly from the Philippine in 3 easy steps.  

1) Plug the ABSCBN IPTV receiver into the setup box of your broadband internet
2) Plug the TV to your ABSCBN IPTV receiver
3) Start watching your favorite Pinoy program by clicking on your remote control.

AT first you won't believe your eyes!

Live broadcast straight from the Philippine. News broadcast from TV Patrol World, Teleserye Drama Series, Talkshows, Variety Game Shows, Comedies, Reality Shows Documentaries, Movies and many more! All-In-One, the bst in Filipino TV film and video are available to you with just a click of a simple rot ontrol!


Not with ABSCBN IPTV. Using the most advanced IPTV (Internet Protocol) Technology that will connect to your television.

For a limited time, ONLY C$100 plus taxes. Subscription is just $30 plus taxes. Your first month of subscription is FREE!

Call Edwin (613) 697-0644 or email edwin@digiconexpress.com or  fill up our online order form.

GMA 7 not to be left behind, Pinoy TV IPTV is now accepting pre orders! This is available initially in Canada only.


If you are in the US, check the Satellite Option below.

ABSCBN (The Filipino Channel) and GMA7 (Pinoy TV) viaSatellite

You can now order your TFC/GMA Pinoy TV. If you need more info, you can call (613) 697-0644. 

Here is what you will get

GMA Pinoy TV - 1 video channel
(Monthly Subscription - US$9.95) Optional

GMA Pinoy TV, the most awarded TV station in the Philippines, offers a 24-hour-a-day, seven-day-a-week network that delivers family-oriented Filipino/English-language programming composed of news and general entertainment.

TFC Direct! -  4 video channels and 2 radio stations
(Monthly Subscription - US$22.95) Required

The Filipino Channel (TFC) - The flagship channel of ABSCBN offering dramas, variety shows, sitcoms, telenovelas, gameshows, reality shows and showbiz news. See your favorite stars and Kapamilya in this premiere channel.

ABSCBN News Channel (ANC) - The 24 hour News Channel for the latest news and public affairs programs from the Philippines.  Live coverage of events as it unfolds.

Cinema One - The movie channel with the best of the Filipino movies of the old and the new generation. It is a moviehouse open day and night. All you need is popcorn and chips. Just sit back and relax.

Pinoy Central TV (now changed to Kapamilya Channel) - Three themes (sports, travel and regional shows) rolled into one channel. Whether you are Ilonggo, Ilocano, Cebuano or Bicolano, you will enjoy our regional shows in your language. Let our travel shows guide you to our featured local destinations. Avid sports fans will get to see NCAA, UAAP and PBA games.

DZMM - AM Radio Station - The Philippines' favourite easy listening FM radio station playing the most requested songs from the classics to the most recent OPM hits.

DWRR - FM Radio Romance Station - The leading AM talk and news radio station in the Philippines anchored by the most credible reporters and broadcast journalists.

Basic US Local Channels
(Monthly Subscription - US$9.95) Required

  • ABC
  • FOX
  • CBS
  • NBC
  • PBS
  • UPN
  • WB
  • America's Store
  • BYU TV
  • Church Channel
  • C-SPAN
  • C-SPAN2
  • Daystar
  • DirecTV Basics
  • DirecTV Freeview events
  • EWTN
  • Home Shopping Network (HSN)
  • Link TV
  • Music Choice (30 audio music channels)
  • PBS You
  • QVC
  • RFD-TV
  • Shop at Home
  • Shop NBC
  • World Network
  • Trinity Broadcasting Network