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Simply put, with Pinoyphone, anyone in Manila can call you free unlimited 24 hours a day 7 days a week. No need for internet connection in Manila. Callers from Manila will just use their landline phone to call your Pinoy Phone. Calls between Pinoyphone buddies are always free.  For more information, you can visit www.pinoyphone.net. You can pre order online

The following are the frequently asked questions about Pinoy Phone:

What is VOIP?

VOIP or voice over IP is the new way of connecting phone calls. While traditional phone line is coursed thru your local analog line, VOIP converts your phone calls into digital data that zips thru your high speed internet connection. The result is you can call anywhere at significant savings.

What do I need to get this service?

Here is what you need:
IP phone from PinoyPhone
A high speed internet connection.
Basic subscription service from Pinoy Phone.

What is so special with Pinoy Phone?

Major players in the VOIP arena will provide you with too much information. But the key information will always stand out. They will all require both ends to have a high speed internet to get free calling.

With Pinoy Phone, anyone in Manila can call you free 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. When we say anyone, it means anyone with a landline phone. You can register up to 6 of your frequest callers. No need for an IP phone or high speed internet connection in Manila. Since it is a local call from Manila, they don't have to pay any toll charges. They can call you as their Pinoy Phone buddy all the time they want.

Can I call them in Manila?

You can call not only to Manila but to anywhere on earth with our optional IDD service. Its a prepaid service in C$20 blocks which you can use for as long as you have the load. Our IDD rates are 30% to 80% cheaper than usual toll rates. For example, calls to Manila landline is C$0.15 per minute and to cell phone is C$0.18 per minute. No hidden charges, no maintenance fees, no connection fees. It is much cheaper than the long distance charges of your local company. Of course, calls between Pinoy Phone buddies are always free. If Pinoy Phone Buddy 1 is in Ottawa, Pinoy Phone Buddy 2 is in the Houston and Pinoy Phone Buddy 3 is in Riyadh, calls between these three Pinoy Phone buddies will be free because it will just be local calls between them. Best of all anyone in Manila can call free to any of these three Pinoy Phone buddies in Ottawa, Houston and Riyadh. Complete IDD rates.

Who will benefit in this setup?

People with high speed internet should consider getting a Pinoy Phone while encouraging their distant friends to do the same. They will be able to call them free and all of their Pinoy Phone buddies can be called by anyone in Manila using their ordinary landline phone or cellphone.

How will this Pinoy Phone affect my local phone line?

Since this is a totally separate setup, your local phone line is unaffected. You will use it the way you use it before. The only difference is that you will see your long distance charges going down if not eliminated by using Pinoy Phone.

How simple is it to install?

You will receive your Pinoy Phone ready to use. Just plug it to a free port on your high speed DSL or cable connection. Pinoy Phone will look for our gateway and you are ready to use it.

What if I move? Will my Pinoy Phone work in the new location?

Pinoy Phone is fully portable. You can bring it with you when you move or travel anywhere. Be it in Atlanta, Tokyo, Riyadh, Athens, Monaco, Milan, London, San Francisco or New York. Simply anywhere! Just plug it to a high speed internet  port and you can place calls and receive calls as you always do. Its boundless communications!

How do I order?

You can order online by filling up our online order form and we will process it promptly. We will confirm your order by calling you. If you wish you can call us at (613) 482-0526 or request for a demo online.

Visit www.pinoyphone.net for more info.